Top dating tips for men (from a woman)

Dating can be extremely tricky: who should ask whom out? Where should you have your first date? That’s why you should try and get all the help you can before a first date.
Here’s a handy list of tips for men from a woman.

1. First impression

Although you should never pretend to be someone you’re not, it’s also true that you should try and make an effort and give a good first impression. Dressing too casual might send the wrong message: that you don’t care much about the person you’re seeing. So shave, shower and wear something smart!

2. Where to go

Women love surprises and love seeing that a man is in control: so choose somewhere a bit unusual but most importantly, choose somewhere where you’ll feel comfortable. Show your date that you know your stomping ground and that you feel at ease wherever you are.

3. Confidence

Women love confident men, but not overconfident ones. Make sure you’re comfortable in your skin but don’t overdo it: no one likes a boaster. If you’re shy, think of a couple of topics you’re really passionate about and make sure you talk about them; she’ll see how passionate and enthusiastic you can be.

4. Listen

Don’t bore your date by doing all the talking! Make sure you listen to what they have to say, ask them some questions and be prepared to listen to what they’ve got to say. Also, stop interrupting!

5. Be fun

You want to keep the conversation very light-hearted: avoid talking about how much you hate your job or how painful your last break-up was. No one likes a moaner: be positive and optimistic and, most importantly, be fun.

6. Don’t pry into her private life

Don’t be too invasive: talking about their exes is a big no-no. Keep the conversation generic and only offer to talk about more private stuff if they offer to talk about it. Generally though, save the deep, meaningful talk for the following dates.

7. Keep your phone off the table

Turn off your phone and make sure you focus entirely on your date. There’s nothing more annoying than going out with someone who checks his phone every five minutes. Make sure your date understands she’s the most important thing at the moment.

8. Follow up

If you don’t want to see her again, just say so. Don’t play games and don’t wait forever to ask for a second date. If you’re really happy about how the date went make sure you let her know. No one has got time to waste waiting for a call, or a text, that will never come.

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