Top Dating Smartphone Apps You Need To Download Now

Some people complain that technology alienates people, but that’s not always the case as sometimes technology brings people together, like when it comes to online dating. Let’s take a look at some of the most used dating apps.

Tinder (Android, iOS – Free)

Probably the most popular dating app; Tinder is extremely easy to set up and use: just log in with your FB account, pick what pictures you want to upload and you’re ready to go. Swipe right if you like someone and left if you don’t and hope someone will like you back.

Coffee Meets Bagel (iOS – Free)

If you’re tired of swiping left and right, this is the perfect app for you: every day at noon you get sent a match who shares mutual Facebook friends and you can like or pass. If you like what you see, then the app will initiate a private chat session.

Loveflutter (iOS – Free)

If you’re into online dating with a twist, then this is the app for you. Your profile picture will be blurred out with a factoid about yourself imposed over it (stuff like “I have an extra nipple” or “I used to herd elephants when I was little”), and if said factoid piques the other person’s interest, they’ll be able to find out a bit more about you, including interests and common friends. Also, the app offers a list of quirky dating spots in your area.

Hitch (Android, iOS – Free)

The whole concept of this app is based on the assumptions that your friends know you better than you do and so once they login with their FB account, they can match you up with some of their friends. You won’t be able to see who the match is but only their age and gender and the name of the person who matched you. If interested, the identity of your match will be revealed.

OkCupid (Android, iOS – Free)

Apparently OkCupid is the most data driven dating site out there. The app offers the same function that the website does: quizzes, profile building and chatting up potential dates. You can also upload photos to your profile straight from your phone.

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