The Top 5 Things Men Hide On Their Online Dating Profiles You Need To Know

Online dating and dating apps have revolutionised the way we meet people, no longer do men have to work up the courage to buy a girl a drink at the bar he can sit in the comfort of his own home and swipe to his hearts content, hopefully bagging himself a date using flattering photographs and a slick profile. But what are the things men aren’t so keen on sharing with you?

1 – His children.

man with kids

Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t mention his kids on his profile, chances are he feels they’ll be off-putting to a potential love interest and would rather tell you at a later date… or not at all, some men are like that and like to keep dating and their family completely separate.

2 – His job.

man in suit

Flash CEO of a exciting start up? Don’t be surprised if he’s made his job sound a lot better than it is, after all, who wants to tell the world they work at McDonald’s?

3 – His height/weight.

fat guy

Men are just as sneaky as women when it comes to choosing the best angle for a selfie and using filters to make them look better! Men know women like tall, buff guys so if Mr. 6’2 turns out to be Mr. 5’8 in Cuban heels don’t say we didn’t warn you…

4 – His marital status.

man laughing

Apparently over 40% of men (and women!) on dating sites are already in relationships. Oops.

5 – His age.

Portrait of handsome 40-year-old man

Portrait of handsome 40-year-old man

So his profile he’s 32 but looks more like your dad? Yeah, men lie about that too!

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