The best questions to ask if you want a second date

We’ve all been on that awkward date where our date does nothing but talk about themselves and their incredible amount of achievements. Clearly simply talking about yourself doesn’t work, so if you really want to impress your date make sure you ask them a lot of questions. You don’t want to appear too intrusive, or creepy even, so here are a few questions that will make you appear interesting and interested in them.

“If you had a day off out of the blue, what would you do?”

As we all lead busy lives, an unexpected day off can be a blessing. Asking such a question will reveal a lot about your date: whether they love to have a lie in, or if they prefer to go on an impromptu adventure. This will also give you a few ideas on what to do on your second date.

“What’s your favourite holiday so far?”

This can be a very revealing question and the good thing about it is that it’s not intrusive at all. You’ll find out if your date is adventurous or more of a couch potato; whether they have a penchant for luxury and relaxing, or if they prefer to be on the go and explore.
This way you’ll find out if your interests and personalities match; if you’re the outdoorsy type it’s unlikely you’ll have a good time with someone who loves shopping and lay by the pool in a five star hotel.

“Have you got a pet?”

Apparently this question can lead to many different conversations, including childhood, animal loving, lifestyle, etc. The best way to approach this is if you walk by a dog or if you’re somewhere with animals as it could be perceived as an odd question if you just ask it out of the blue.

“Does your family live nearby?”

Again, this is not a particularly loaded question that can reveal a lot about your date. You’ll gauge how they feel about their family; if family is important to them and it will reveal their views on relationships, marriage and having kids.

“Do you have anything exciting coming up?”

This question will reveal what really makes your date tick; whether it’s a big presentation at work, a city break or a family gathering, you’ll figure out pretty easily what your date really cares about.

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