Modern Dating For Dummies

Dating in the digital era is a minefield: the rules keep changing quicker than you can swipe left. A study led by has found out the many ways in which the rules have changed. There’s a main trend that differentiates younger and older dates: younger daters are more likely to add their date on Facebook, whilst older people tend to be more cautious.

1. Making the first move

This traditional dating rule is still standing: men are expected to make the first move. Although after that women are happy to ask for a second date, men are still expected to make the very first move.

2. Footing the bill

While men tend to foot the bill at the restaurant, 41% of women are happy to buy a man dinner on their first date.

3. The 15-minute rule

Apparently 15 minutes is all it takes to decide whether or not there’s any chemistry between you and your date. So if things are not going very well, just be honest with them, cancel your restaurant booking and go home to a nice TV series.

4. A kiss is more than enough

Don’t feel like you have to kiss your date if you’ve had a good time with them, but go ahead if you really feel like it. Eighty percent of daters agree that holding out on your date builds interest and mystery. If you have sex on the first date is less likely that they’ll call you back for a second date.

5. Go on, you can text them

Almost half of female daters said that they like to follow up within 24 hours, while men like to play it cool, with 68% of them waiting for up to three days before texting their date.

6. The Facebook divide

Younger singles tend to Facebook friend their date after two or three dates, while older singles prefer to add them once they’ve gone steady.

7. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends

Half of male daters introduced their date to their friends in the first month, compared to only 36% of female daters. This is to do either with looking for their mates’ approval or maybe they just want to show off.

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