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8 Easy Ways To Meet New People The Old Fashioned Way

If online dating isn’t your thing don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways to meet someone new the ‘old fashioned way’ that doesn’t involve a smartphone! 1 – Beer/food festivals. Everyone loves food and

10 Simple Things Men Find Insanely Attractive About A Woman

Because it’s not all about looks! 1 – A happy and cheerful outlook. No one wants to be with a grump but men love to be with a positive, uplifting woman who can cheer

Top dating tips for men (from a woman)

Dating can be extremely tricky: who should ask whom out? Where should you have your first date? That’s why you should try and get all the help you can before a first date. Here’s

The Top 5 Things Men Hide On Their Online Dating Profiles You Need To Know

Online dating and dating apps have revolutionised the way we meet people, no longer do men have to work up the courage to buy a girl a drink at the bar he can sit

Top 10 Unforgivable Mistakes Intelligent Men Make When Dating Women

This video is a short, sharp talk on the top 10 mistakes intelligent men are making on the dating scene with women and how to fix them by a popular life coach. Take note