8 Easy Ways To Meet New People The Old Fashioned Way

If online dating isn’t your thing don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways to meet someone new the ‘old fashioned way’ that doesn’t involve a smartphone!


1 – Beer/food festivals. Everyone loves food and beer and what better place to meet someone that when they’re a little tipsy with a belly full of good food? It’s also easy to strike up conversations about the food/drink on offer and there’s usually a band and entertainment to create a lively buzz.

2 – At the gym. An oldie, but a goody. The gym is a great way to meet people as the informal atmosphere makes it easy to chat and everyone looks pretty hot when they’re in lycra! Join a few classes too to meet likeminded people, you never know who you’ll meet at the water cooler…

3 – At a concert. When you’re dancing to one of your favourite bands you’re really happy and what could be better than a partner who enjoys the same music as you?

4 – A sports event. It usually works well if you already have something in common so if you already support the same team you’re already halfway there.

5 – At a coffee shop. The old cliche, guy spots cute girl sipping a latte and engrossed in a classy novel but coffee shops are a great way to meet people as there’s no drunken bravado and an interesting book cover is a great ice breaker. Plus, coffee is cheaper than a cocktail.

6 – Shopping centres. Everyone loves a little retail therapy and it’s true when you’re buying something for yourself or just shopping in general little endorphins get released into your body giving you a buzz and a great energy, making you fun and approachable.

7 – Art museums and galleries. People aren’t in their usual rush when they’re in an art gallery so it presents a great opportunity to strike up a conversation about some of the amazing pieces on display.

8 – Poetry/acoustic nights. Not only is it pretty romantic in itself, it’s not uncommon to find people going to acoustic or poetry nights solo which makes it easy to share a table and grab a drink without much effort.

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