10 Simple Things Men Find Insanely Attractive About A Woman

Because it’s not all about looks!

1 – A happy and cheerful outlook. No one wants to be with a grump but men love to be with a positive, uplifting woman who can cheer them up if they’ve had a bad day. Nothing turns on a man more than an upbeat woman with a flirty giggle and whilst no one is happy 24/7 being with someone who looks on the bright side is extremely attractive.

woman 1

2 – A well groomed appearance. Men love a woman who takes care of herself and takes pride in her appearance with well applied make up, a flattering outfit and fresh, clean hair that has been expertly styled. Whilst it might not seem like it men do notice all of these little touches, especially when a woman dresses up for the bedroom!

woman 2


3 – A woman who knows how to be a woman. Whilst we hate to use the term ‘damsel in distress’ men love feeling heroic and taking care of their ladies whether it’s fending off unwanted attention or something simpler like paying for a meal or getting rid of a spider.

woman 3

4 – High heels and sexy outfits. It’s no secret men are visual creatures and when a lady is dressed up to the nines it’s impossible for a man not to find her attractive. Men also appreciate the effort a woman puts into looking good for him, especially in the bedroom.

woman 4

5 – Intelligence. Men love nothing more than a woman who can challenge him mentally and stimulate his mind. No lady should ever dumb herself down to impress a man!

woman 5

6 – Sense of humour. Men LOVE to laugh and most have a somewhat juvenile sense of humour which doesn’t change no matter how old they get. If a woman can crack a joke and keep him on his toes he’s sure to want to keep her around.

woman 6

7 – Mystery. A good woman knows not to give too much away and to always keep her man guessing. Mysteriousness is extremely sexy and guys love it when they meet a woman who can’t be read like an open book, after all, the thrill is in the chase.

woman 7

8 – Confidence. It can be the way a woman carries herself or her passion for her job or hobby but confidence is an extremely attractive trait in a woman and one that can make a man instantly go weak at the knees.

Businesswoman using cell phone in office

9 – Curves. Don’t let these magazines fool you, men love a woman with a healthy, curvaceous body that looks amazing in a tight dress. An ample bosom and rounded bottom signify health and vitality and men are drawn to them like bees to honey.

woman 9

10 – Self respect. There’s nothing worse than a woman who’s ‘easy’ or doesn’t have any respect for herself and men can spot women like this a mile off.

Close-up, beauty shot of a smiling, long haired, young, beautiful, brunette woman isolated over white background. Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; aRGB color profile.

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